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Enter Hattori...


The manga chapter on which this anime episode was based

I am a Ninja (拙者!忍者でござるの巻 Sessha! Ninja Degozaru No Maki) is the very first episode of the Ninja Hattori-kun 1981 anime. Ninja Hattori arrives in this thrilling episode.

Synopsis Edit

A young, bespectacled boy named Kenichi Mitsuba is watching a movie on ninjas. He then hears a voice and a ninja by the name of Kanzo Hattori appears. He introduces himself, and Kenichi tries to chase him away. He then calls his mother, who comes in. She is sceptical about the matter, and leaves. The ninja then comes back, and the mother returns. She is horrified at the very sight of him, but makes him a bed. Hattori then makes the bed again, this time on the ceiling.

Next morning, the boy and his father both slip on the floor. Mrs Mitsuba then comes to their aid, but they find the living room ceiling leaking. They find Hattori on the roof, mopping and polishing. Mr Mitsuba tries to help him, but falls off the ladder. He crash - lands on the ground, but is not hurt because he is very plump.

Later on, the Mitsubas are wondering what to do with him. Mrs Mitsuba thinks his mother will be worried sick, but lets him stay the night anyway. That night, Hattori wets his bed.