Kenichi the pickpocket (Speak the truth) (ネコババはいかんでござるの巻) is episode 553 of the 1981 anime.

Yumeko loses her purse - and Kenichi has accidentally taken it! Will Hattori, Kenichi and the rest of the gang manage to get everything back on track by persuading Kenichi to tell the truth before it's too late?

Synopsis Edit

Kenichi finds out that he's running low on cash. He asks Mrs Mitsuba for some money, but she tells him that he spent it himself. As he, Shinzo and Shishimaru take a stroll in town, they find a purple purse with a picture of a dog on it. They are overjoyed on finding money in it, and buy a loincloth for Hattori. They give the loincloth to Hattori as soon as they get home, and although slightly embarrassed, Hattori thanks them.

The next day, Kenichi and Kemumaki are playing football with some of the blokes at school when they notice a very subdued Yumeko. She tells them that she misplaced her purse, and describes it to them. Kenichi is horrified as it's the one that he stole the other day! He gets the loincloth and returns it to the shop, only to get turned down. Hattori

Kenichi agrees that he'll come clean to Yumeko about stealing her purse

correctly guesses that the money was stolen, and pushes Kenichi to return it to Yumeko. When he refuses, Hattori uses hypnotises him to loosen his tongue. Kenichi is then empowered to return the purse to her. Kagechiyo spies on them and rushes off to tell his boss.

Upon reaching Yumeko's, Kenichi rings her doorbell. Yumeko opens the door, and Kenichi gives her the purse and the loincloth. She decides to stitch the loincloth into a scarf, and when Kenichi comes clean to her about nicking the purse, she willingly forgives him. Kemumaki is furious with Kagechiyo for setting him up, and Yumeko treats the gang to some cake.

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