Kenichi Writes a Story (My Dream For The Future) (ケン一氏のでっかい夢の巻) is episode 179 of the 1981 anime.

Today's homework is to write a story and relate it in front of the class. Kenichi is determined to write a story - but what

Kenichi reads aloud his story

can it be? It's up to Hattori to help him.

Synopsis Edit

The episode starts when Mr. Koike is telling the students that they have to write a story and relate it to the class. Kenichi is determined to write his, but Kemumaki then starts teasing him. Livid, Kenichi goes home and tells Hattori that Kemumaki and Koike have made his life hell. Hattori then tries to help him, but soon Kenichi comes up with his story and a dream sequence pops up.

The dream shows Kenichi introducing Hattori, Kemumaki, Yumeko Kawai and Koike being introduced to a plane, Kenichi being the pilot. Amid being fawned over Yumeko, Kenichi tells Koike and Kemumaki to get onto some special seats - which turn out to be perched on top of the plane, the seatbelts being used to asphyxiate the two of them. Kenichi gets ready for takeoff, while Koike and Kemumaki squirm in their seats yelling in pain. The plane takes off, but halfway into the flight, Shinzo and Shishimaru turn up, hanging on the right wing. They blame Kenichi for not taking them with him, and then Kenichi loses control of the plane while trying to shake them off. While Shishimaru and Shinzo fly off on their glider, Kenichi, Yumeko, Hattori, Kemumaki and Koike go down in a downward spiral and crash. Back in the house, Kenichi yells at Shinzo and Shishimaru for making him crash the plane. Baffled, Hattori tells Shinzo and Shishimaru that Kenichi is daydreaming.

At dinner, Kenichi tells his family about their homework. Shinzo suggests he includes heroes and villains. At school the following day, Kenichi finally completes his homework and tells the class his story.

Another dream sequence pops up, showing Yumeko being taken hostage by Kemumaki. Kenichi, the "hero" is shown running past a train (or rather, Hattori running past the train with Kenichi on his shoulders). Kemumaki is then defeated by Hattori, but Yumeko believes Kenichi did it and fawns over him. Dissatisfied with the homework, Koike then tells Kenichi to write a more satisfactory story, much to the boy's chagrin.

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