The current regular characters

In Ninja Hattori-kun, there have been several characters and character stereotypes. With feisty females such as Isa-yohi Kenzen and Mrs Mitsuba, judgmental girls such as Tsubame and Yumeko Kawai, kind-hearted souls such as Mrs Mitsuba, Kenichi Mitsuba and Kanzo Hattori, and comedy characters such as Kagechiyo, Shinzo Hattori, Shishimaru and Mr Koike, both anime and manga have been through a lot.

Character's name Voice artist/portrayer Classification and status Duration Notes
Kanzo Hattori Junko Hori (1981 anime) Present; regular 1981-1987, 2012- Hattori, as he likes to be known, is a brave Ega-ninja who makes a lot of friends on his journey, such as Kenichi Mitsuba and his family. His Achilles heel is his fear of frogs and trains.
Shinzo Hattori Yuko Mita (1981 anime) Present; regular 1981-1987, 2012- Shinzo is Hattori's younger brother and disciple. Young and naive, Shinzo has a tendency to cry loudly in certain situations. However, he is loyal and courageous, and sticks by his allies unconditionally.
Shishimaru Kenichi Ogata (1981 anime) Present; regular 1981-1987, 2012- Shishimaru is Hattori's workshy Bichon Frise, with an eye for food, particularly chocolate rolls.
Kenichi Mitsuba Masako Sugaya (1981 anime) Present; regular 1981-1987, 2012- Loveable Kenichi is Hattori's hapless foster brother and best mate. His mission is to win the heart of the beautiful Yumeko Kawai and keep her away from the ruthless Kemumaki Kemuzou.
Yumeko Kawai Teruko Akiyama (1981 anime) Present; regular 1981-1987, 2012- Yumeko, the prettiest girl in class, is after Kemumaki, but still holds a torch for Kenichi - and Hattori, too!
Kemumaki Kemuzou Kaneta Kimotsuki (1981 anime) Present; regular 1981-1987, 2012- Devious Kemumaki has a dim view of other people's best interests at heart. He is a Koga-ninja and the master of Kagechiyo the cat.
Kagechiyo Eiko Hisamura (1981 anime) Present; regular 1981-1987, 2012- Being the disciple of Kemumaki, Kagechiyo is a staunch follower of the Koga clan. However, he has a soft side and occasionally confides in Hattori and the gang for help.
Kentaru Mitsuba Yuzuru Fujimoto (1981 anime) Present; regular 1981-1987, 2012- Being Kenichi's father and Hattori's foster father, Kentaru works hard for his family, and sometimes outdoes himself.
Mrs Mitsuba Nashiwa Yukiko (1981 anime) Present; regular 1981-1987, 2012- A caring mum, Mrs Mitsuba does all she can to ensure her family is happy - but she doesn't like to see bad grades on Kenichi's papers, and there's absolute hell to pay when she does...
Mr Koike Issei Futamata (1981 anime) Present; regular 1981-1987, 2012- Mr Koike is a good-natured teacher who likes to make sure his students are happy, but all the same, he isn't afraid to discipline them.
Aiko-sensei Yoko Kawanami (1981 anime) Present; recurring c.1984-1987, 2012- Aiko-sensei is the music teacher at Kenichi's school. Mr Koike holds a torch for her.
Tsubame Fuyumi Shiraishi (1981 anime) Former; recurring c.1982-1986 Bossy and gobby, Tsubame is infatuated with Hattori.
Jippou Junpei Takiguchi (1981 anime) Former; recurring c.1986-1987 Jippou is a gentle giant; a massive Ninja turtle and one of Hattori's old friends.
Mrs Kawai Unknown Former; recurring c.1981-1984 Another of the caring mums in the show, Mrs Kawai is Yumeko Kawai's mother.
Isa-yohi Kenzen Unknown Former; guest c.2016 Isa-yohi is a brassy Koga-ninja who occasionally pops in to help Kemumaki and Kagechiyo fight Hattori. She has a poor sense of directions, though...
Robert Unknown Former; guest c.2014 Credulous but friendly, Robert is an Ega-ninja who hails from America.