On the clouds because of Iga-ninja technique (A cloud ride) (伊賀忍法で雲の上の巻) is episode 573 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.

Hattori and the gang make a hot - air balloon out of a special Iga substance. Kemumaki, disguised as Yumeko, is

Kenichi picks the wrong person

along for the ride - and a lot of hilarious things happen throughout! 

Synopsis Edit

Hattori, Kenichi, Yumeko and Kemumaki are near the river banks. Yumeko is admiring the clouds and wishing that she could touch them, but Kemumaki snidely says that it is impossible to do such a thing. Kenichi then asks Hattori if he could make a hot air balloon so that they could touch the clouds, and Hattori, although hesitant at first, complies, making a special balloon out of a cardboard box and a special Iga candyfloss.

Meanwhile, Yumeko is taking a walk in the countryside, when Kemumaki puts her into a trance and then disguises himself as Yumeko. Just before the balloon takes off, "Yumeko" arrives and gets onto the balloon. In mid - air, Shinzo, who is along for the flight with Shishimaru the terrier, spots Kenichi's school. Kemumaki then tries to get them to pose in a photograph. He - or she makes Hattori and Shinzo fly in the air like a crane, then says that the film roll has expired.

Later, Hattori serves the gang some snacks, but Kemumaki then throws a tantrum, saying that he - or she wants rice. He then suggests that they use Shishimaru as a fishing rod. Kemumaki then pretends to need the toilet. Hattori then deduces that this is Kemumaki in disguise and tells him to piss in the balloon itself. Outsmarted, Kemumaki is then pushed out of the balloon before flying off on his cloth glider. Hattori then says that they will go and fetch the real Yumeko.

Synopsis Edit