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Hattori praises Shinzo

Shinzo Arrives (シンゾウくん只今参上の巻) is episode 9 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.

Shinzo Hattori, Kanzo Hattori's younger brother arrives in Tokyo and rescues Hattori, Shishimaru and Kenichi whilst they are being held hostage by Kemumaki.


The episode starts at a train station, where a small boy with red ninja robes passes a station guard without giving him his train ticket. The guard then chases after him, but then the boy sets a stinkbomb off and scares the guard up a telephone pole. It is unknown what happens after that, but the guard is presumably rescued.

Later, the boy arrives at the Mitsuba family's house. Kentaru Mitsuba and his wife are sitting alone, for Kenichi, Hattori and Shishimaru are hanging out together. The little boy searches the house for someone, presumably his brother. He then bursts into noisy tears, knocking Mr and Mrs Mitsuba out. Once the couple have revived, Shinzo scampers off, knowing where his brother is.

Meanwhile, at the waste ground, Kanzo Hattori is skulking around with Kenichi and their dog Shishimaru, when the up-to-no-good Kemumaki Kemuzou appears. He then attacks Kanzo, Kenichi and Shishimaru, but the little ninja, whose name is revealed to be Shinzo, suddenly arrives and tries to attack Kemumaki with his weapons - which are made out of wood and so easily destructible. He then physically attacks Shinzo, who immobilises him with his loud crying. Hattori, seeing Shinzo's skill, praises him and introduces him as his younger brother to Kenichi - who has been knocked out by Shinzo's crying.

Later on, the Mitsubas are watching television, when Shinzo suddenly looks on the verge of tears, watching a sentimental show. Hattori then switches the channel from news to drama to comedy, and the whole family watches the funny show.


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