Kenichi prepares to ring the bell

The New Year's bell (Celebrating New Year) (夢子殿のために鐘は鳴るでござるの巻) is episode 351 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.

Kenichi gets the chance to ring the New Year bells a hundred and eight times. Hattori helps him train, but on New Year's Eve on the the thirty-second strike, Kenichi loses energy. Will Hattori save Kenichi with his Ninja techniques?

Synopsis Edit

A large crowd is gathered outside the Shinto Temple, waiting for the verdict in choosing the person who is to ring the New Year's bell. Yumeko and Kemumaki are unlucky, but then they hear Kenichi shouting happily that he has been appointed to ring the bell! He receives a large round of applause from the crowd, including from a grudging Kemumaki and an excited Kagechiyo.

At home, the Mitsubas congratulate their son, and Hattori promises to help Kenichi prepare. They then go out training, and on the 30th of December, Hattori makes a makeshift bell which Kenichi is supposed to pretend to ring. However, he gets whacked by it and knocked out cold.

The 1st of January comes and Kenichi gets ready to ring the bell. He keeps dedicating every strike to Yumeko, but 32 strikes later, Kenichi loses energy and falls asleep, worrying the crowd. Then Hattori gets an idea: he decides to make doppelganger Kenichis.

Soon, the doppelgangers get ready: Hattori and Kemumaki, dressed identically, Shinzo, with a paper bag for a head, and Shishimaru sitting on Kagechiyo's shoulders. Just then, Tsubame, who has been visiting the Mitsubas (who were unable to come) turns up, disguises herself as Kenichi and then shouts shrilly that she has dedicated her strike for Hattori (how undignified!) Just then, Kenichi wakes with a start, and is confused and startled when he sees his five doppelgangers.

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