Tsubame goes back home (Get Lost, Tsubame) (消えたツバメちゃんの巻) is episode 173 of the 1981 Ninja Hattori-kun anime.

Tsubame has been staying for two nights now, and she's still bothering Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru with her

Shinzo fakes having a stomach ache

constant nagging and ninja techniques. Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru hatch a plan to get Tsubame to leave.


Picking up from Tsubame Arrives, Tsubame is bustling up and down the house, tidying up, when she hears Mrs Mitsuba calling her son downstairs. Tsubame then rushes up the stairs and uses her special ninja technique (again) to wake Kenichi up. Kenichi is sent down his bed, body askew, a large bump rising on his forehead. Tsubame then prepares hot water for Hattori's morning bath, much to Kenichi's jealousy.

Later on, Kenichi gets ready to leave home for school. Mrs Mitsuba says goodbye to her son, and Tsubame tells him to come home early. Exasperated, Kenichi grumbles that Tsubame has become his mum too. Later on, arriving home, Kenichi gets ready for a baseball match, but Tsubame halts him, saying that he has to do his homework.

Soon, Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru are sick and tired of Tsubame and her nagging. They then hatch a plan to send Tsubame off...

Tsubame gets ready to go shopping for groceries, when she is halted by Shinzo, who is pretending to have a stomach ache. When Tsubame says that Shinzo has to go to hospital, Shinzo recoils. Kenichi is exasperated by the failure.

Tsubame does get the groceries, and on her way home, Kenichi and the gang create a diversion to chase her off. Tsubame gets home, but eventually realises that she does not feel right there and leaves. Kenichi is blinded by remorse, and Hattori consoles him.

Meanwhile, Tsubame, who has gone back to Iga town, is chased by a bull. When out of harm's way, she sees two clouds, in the shapes of Hattori and Kenichi. She expressed her love for Hattori, but blows a raspberry at Kenichi's cloud (eurgh!).