Yumeko Kawai


Journalist for the school magazine


Mrs Kawai (mother)
Mr.Kawai (father)

Permanent residence

Yumeko Kawai's house

First appearance

Hattori saves Kenichi from his teacher

Voiced by

Teruko Akiyama

Yumeko Kawai (河合由美子 Kawai Yumiko) is a major character in the Ninja Hattori-kun franchise. Bright, beautiful and classy, she ignited the feud between Kemuzou Kemumaki and Kenichi Mitsuba.

Physical appearance Edit

Yumeko has black oval-shaped eyes, fair skin and black hair. She usually wears a pink top with a heart on it and a matching skirt.

Personality and traits Edit

Yumeko has a hasty mind which is shown by her tendency to judge people by their appearance and skills rather than by their personality. She gets jealous whenever a partner is seen associating with others, even if they are having a casual friendship. Despite these flaws, she is an intelligent and hardworking student who has many friends and does accept the truth when she learns about it.

Yumeko is also very sporty, taking part in judo, tennis and badminton.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Yumeko, being an only child, shares a close relationship with her family, although her family members come in few.

Kenichi Mitsuba Edit

Yumeko is the love of Kenichi's life. She is not afraid to reciprocate these feelings; they once went on a trip to a

Yumeko slaps Kenichi during a misunderstanding

 zoo. Alone, that is, until Hattori's attempts to save them from Kemumaki ended up in a fierce duel. Fortunately, neither girl nor boy saw them. However, Kemumaki causes a few rifts between the two, though Hattori sets things right. Kenichi is also often seen as the less skilled between him and Kemumaki by Yumeko. 

Kanzo Hattori Edit

Yumeko is a good friend of Kanzo's. She, along with Shinzo, Shishimaru and Kenichi, assists him in his missions, even showing romantic feelings towards him a few times.

Shinzo Hattori and Shishimaru Edit

Yumeko is a good friend to Shinzo and Shishimaru, and once offered to take them to the film adaptation of Tarzan once.

Kemumaki and Kagechiyo Edit

Kemumaki trying to impress Yumeko is one of the key reasons of his antagonism. Yumeko, however, is smitten by him and is one of his swooning flankers. Fortunately, in a few episodes, she discovers the truth and admonishes him for his fraudulence. 

Yumeko is kind to Kemumaki's cat and disciple, Kagechiyo, and gave him a collar with a bell once.

Mr. Koike Edit

Mr. Koike is fond of Yumeko and is also impressed by her intelligence.

History Edit

Ninja Hattori-kun (Manga)Edit

She often causes disputes between Kenichi and Kemumaki, who both have a crush on her. Many episodes revolve around Kenichi asking Hattori for help to win Yumeko against Kemumaki. Yumeko is frequently fooled by Kemumaki and blames the wrong person for it.

Ninja Hattori-kun (Anime)Edit

The Anime was based on the Manga and Yumeko held a similar position.

Quotes Edit

  • "What's the matter, sir? Why do you look so scared? What happened?" (first line)

Other information Edit

  • Yumeko doesn't like bell peppers.
  • Yumeko likes the colour pink.

Etymology Edit

  • Yumeko is a common given name in Japan, given to females.
  • Kawai derives from the Japanese word Kawaii, which means cute.